JAMSAZ tries its best to meet all requirements of QCD Policy (i.e. High Quality, Reasonable Cost and Precise Delivery) in order to manufacture the products satisfying our customers. QCD metrics are nothing new having originated in the manufacturing sector and are an important element and can be well aligned with most business activities including Supply Chain. We don't like to write a long story to argue that we are 'THE BEST' in this industry as everybody says "Action speaks louder than words".


Management of JAMSAZ Industrial Production Co. defines the quality policy based on following fundamental elements in order to move towards a brighter future and believes that complying with principles and provisions of present document will give rise to satisfy all corresponding interested parties including customers, employees and shareholders..





JAMSAZ Industrial Production Co. as a designer and manufacturer of automotive lighting systems, in order to conserve the environment and create a safe and healthy workplace as well as preserve and protect all employees who are the main element of production and the main capital of organization and interested parties, has taken necessary actions to establish and implement standards OHSAS :